What is the energy level used in Thermaspec treatment?

While most equipment applicators transmit a high level of energy (in some of them up to 80 Watts), (attributed to the cooling system), Medispec’s Thermaspec uses only 40 Watts for reaching the Working Temperature Level and then only 20 Watts for maintaining the application’s temperature level (applied energy).

What is unique about this medical device?

Thermaspec allows the doctor or medical professional to adjust the position of the applicator to the size of the prostate by using special marks on the catheter. Medispec developed an applicator that is multi-use. Thermocouples are installed on the applicator itself. The doctor or medical professional must replace the catheter between patient treatment sessions. For […]

Is there a risk for the rectum?

In equipment with the cooling systems, temperature sensors (“Thermocouples”) are only evaluating the reaching temperature to the prostate, and therefore it is recommended to use a trans-rectal probe. Within Thermaspec, sensors are taking the exact measurement of the temperature received by the prostate, with no interference of cooling water.

What are the main advantages of Thermaspec medical device system?

Level of Energy – While most equipments’ applicator transmits a high level of energy (in some of them up to 80 Watts), Medispec’s Thermaspec uses a relatively low temperature while maintaining the application’s temperature level (applied energy). Minimum Risk for the Rectum – In the equipment cooling systems, the Temperature Sensors (“Thermocouples”) are only EVALUATING the temperature […]

Who is a candidate for Thermaspec treatment?

Patient is diagnosed with symptomatic Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia based on detailed medical history, physical examination, including a urinalysis, and the assessment of renal function, Uroflowmetry, and Post-Void Residual urine measurements (PVR). Patient has defined lower and upper size limits of the prostate (set by sponsor’s expectation of therapy) The AUA symptom Index value should be […]

Who is ineligible to receive Thermaspec treatment?

If a patient has an existing condition involving the below, then he/she is ineligible for Thermaspec treatment. Neurogenic bladder Bladder Calculi Pacemaker, Arrhythmia T.I (recent) Metal implant in the urethra Anti-coagulant treatment Symptoms of prostate cancer Urethral stricture Urination problem of patient caused by something besides benign prostate hyperplasia Untreated infection on urine path Kidney […]

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