Thermaspec™ – Microwave Thermotherapy Treatment for BPH and Prostatitis
Thermaspec – Treating BPH and Prostatitis

Medispec’s Thermaspec is a transurethral microwave-based system designed for performing localized thermotherapy directly to the enlarged prostate.
It is the only treatment available for Prostatitis other than medications and it offers a safe and effective approach for the treatment of BPH. The Thermaspec avoids the notable side-effects and risks associated with more radical treatment methods.

Effective Approach

Medispec’s Thermaspec offers an effective approach to the treatment of Prostatitis and BPH. It is transurethral microwave-based system (TUMT) designed for administering localized thermotherapy treatments.
The Thermaspec minimizes the notable side-effects and risks of impotence and infertility associated with more radical treatment methods. Therefore, treatment with the Thermaspec is the ideal solution for sexually active, as well as high risk patients. The treatments are performed on an outpatient basis and require no anesthesia.
The Thermaspec provides the physician with a cost effective and user-Friendly solution for the treatments of Prostatitis and BPH. Since its components (including the microwave applicator) are reusable, the catheter is the only disposable required. The Thermaspec is simple to operate and maintain, mobile and compact. It is appropriate for the needs of users ranging from small clinics to the urological departments of large medical centers.

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Thermaspec Highlights
  • Fast treatment – Average treatment time 1 hour
  • Efficient – Reduces urinary frequency, urgency and intermittent flow
  • Easy to employ and monitor (treatment can be supervised by auxiliary Personnel)
  • Minimal ambulatory admittance required
  • Low cost of consumables
  • Fast withdrawal of Foley Catheter
  • Safe and effective
  • Rapid and precise controlled heating
  • Anesthesia-free outpatient treatment
  • Ideal for sexually active and high-risk patients
  • Rectal probe or cooling system not required
  • Simple operation and easy maintenance
  • Fully computerized
  • Complete monitoring and data management system

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