LilyCare Treatment™

LilyCare Treatment™

LilyCare Treatment™ – Women’s Sexual Dysfunction Treatment
Enhance Women’s Health, Quality of Life, & Satisfaction

LilyCare improves quality of life for women around the world by treating the most intimate women’s health issues, including pain or discomfort during intercourse. It’s a revolutionary, fast-acting, non-invasive treatment of common female sexual dysfunctions and urological disorders.

LilyCare takes only a few minutes and allows female patients to resume day-to-day activities immediately. Each treatment session is about 20 minutes in length, and after just 6 sessions, a woman’s natural pleasure is restored! LilyCare releases the body’s natural mechanisms to create new blood vessels, increasing blood flow to the areas critical for female pleasure.

Improve Women’s Sexual Health & Libido

Medispec offers a gold standard medical treatment for women’s sexual health issues. Studies suggest that it’s effective for treating women’s sexual dysfunction issues.

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Gain Confidence in Your Skin

Some global reports indicate that as high as 75% of women will experience pain or discomfort during intercourse in their lifetime. LilyCare is a fast, effective solution to enable women to gain the pleasure and enjoyment out of life that they deserve.


Overcome Barriers in the Bedroom

After a treatment session, patients can go back to work or home to their loved ones feeling more confident – without medication or surgery.

Grow Your Women's Health Practice

Family doctors, OBGYNs, sexual medicine specialists, and other medical professionals can benefit from LilyCare, an easy solution for women’s sexual health. The medical treatment gives practitioners a way to expand their reach to women of all ages, enriching their patients’ lives and improving their sexual health. Medispec offers a smart way to expand a sexual medicine or therapeutic practice.

Multi-Wave Shockwave Technology

Multi-Wave is the most effective shockwave on the global medical device market. Multi-Wave is engineered to treat the broadest and deepest therapeutic area, resulting optimal healing.
The LilyCare medical treatment is simple to perform and requires virtually no extra training, set-up or installation.

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