Flat Panel Detector™

Flat Panel Detector™

See better. Treat faster.

The Flat Panel Detector™ (FPD) Imaging Solution creates x-rays across various urology and lithotripsy procedures.

  • FPD is an easy to operate, durable x-ray system. It is reliable and efficient and delivers low exposure, high-quality images for ease of diagnosis and faster time to treatment.
  • FPD can be performed on affected areas for diagnosis of urinary tract stones, i.e. renal calyceal stones, renal pelvic stones, and upper ureteral stones.


  • Flat panel technology provides up to 50% greater field of vision than a similar class of image intensifier
  • High image quality for higher accuracy in diagnosis
  • Wide dynamic range of focus for enhanced depth, focus, and visibility
  • Enhanced brightness
  • Greater visibility with square shape
  • Higher contrast
  • Top-of-the line x-ray quality
  • Complies with international standards (FDA, CE)
Why upgrade from Visionspec Image Intensifier?

  • Image quality: Flat panel technology can provide up to a 50% greater field of view than a similar class of image intensifier.
  • Dose: Flat panel technology gives you a lower dose than an image intensifier per session.
  • Service: Service on a flat panel detector is easier because there is no camera calibration and only one component for imager detection.

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