What is Stonevision?
End-to-End X-ray Image Processing Software

After 30 years of experience in the medical field, Medispec developed an advanced after-image processing technology with dedicated algorithms for optimal stone identification and lithotripsy applications. The software includes image enhancement, storage, and retrieval.

Our software adds automatically-enhanced contrast and brightness settings to each x-ray image produced as part of the Medispec lithotripsy system.

Some problems commonly found with typical x-ray imaging:

  • An x-ray’s raw image is usually flat.
  • It’s challenging to view small details for a complete diagnosis and treatment.

How can a technician capture a clear, accurate picture in seconds?


A New Generation of X-ray Technology
Improve Your X-ray Images for Easy Stone Identification, Fast Diagnosis and Treatment

Together with a Flat Panel Detector (FPD), Medispec’s cutting-edge image processing software enables a fast, accurate x-ray image.

  • Enhanced Contrast Button – With the click of a button, run Medispec’s proprietary image processing software and obtain a clear, contrasting x-ray image
  • Markup Functionality – This tool allows the user to mark the stone and measure its size
  • Automatic Dose Control – The software automatically selects the optimal KV and mA for best gray scale
Why Stonevision?

Similar image enhancement technology that enables you to take accurate photos on your smartphones is available for use in urology, orthopedics, and basic cardiology applications – with high focus, level contrast and brightness. 

  • Medispec’s Stonevision is included with every Medispec lithotripsy system
  • Upgrades are included and free with the system
  • Implements DICOM; images can transfer to other systems
  • Fast visuals, easy to see stones and diagnose
  • Easy to use, no additional training for software use is necessary
  • Wide gray range expands contrast; moving from manual sliding gray scale to automated is a huge game changer
  • Enables routine computerized operation of fragmentation of stones
  • Performs patient data management
  • Displays reports and statistics


Main Specifications
  • 8- or 16- bit image, image intensifier and FPD respectively
  • Supports all Visionspec models

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