Advanced Imaging System

Visionspec™ is a fluoroscopy device which can be used in a variety of intra-operative applications, including for localizing urinary calculi for the purpose of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL).

It’s suitable for a variety of intra-operative applications, such as peripheral, orthopedic and urological procedures. The system offers high-quality digital imaging, and flexibility during surgical procedures, enabled by its fully motorized C-Arm.

The system offers easy, uninterrupted surgical workflow and operations plus a compact footprint, making it easily maneuvered inside the operating room and easily transported between rooms.

Easy, Convenient Imaging

Visionspec™ components include:

  • High quality 1K2 digital imaging (2K2 optional)
  • 9’’ image intensifier with high brightness and contrast
  • Fully motorized C-Arm with a very large orbital rotation angle of 120⁰
  • Unlimited storage for image files
  • Remote control abilities
  • Pulsed fluoroscopy – to guarantee the lowest possible dose
  • Connectivity to DICOM network interface
  • 23’’ monitors (live monitor and reference monitor) – on the device
Compact & Mobile X‐ray System

Low Dose Solution
  • Arm
  • Image intensifier: converts the X‐ray beam to a visible image which is displayed on the monitor; located on the upper part of the arm
  • Monoblock: (X‐ray beam generator) located on the bottom part of the arm
  • Arm remote control, control stand with monitor and GUI
  • Optional remote control stand with infrared sensor (for controlling Medispec treatment table)

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