Medispec’s portfolio of non-invasive medical treatments use focused advanced acoustic waves to encourage new blood vessel generation, neovascularization and angiogenesis via stimulation and activation of stem cells.

Across a wide range of medical disciplines, Medispec offers various medical wave technologies, including Multi-Wave, Radial Wave, and Thermal Wave therapies.

They perform incredible healing mechanisms of action:

● Stimulating the formation of collateral blood vessels
● Enhancing blood perfusion
● Restoring cardiac function
● Accelerating and improving bone healing.

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Medispec produces the largest, most effective healing zones in the medical industry.

Optimal Healing at the Largest Focal Zone =
High Power + Wave Pressure + Angles of Reflection

Medispec has the capabilities to deftly and accurately control the focal zone location, delivering powerful healing waves directly to the treated organs.

  • Accuracy, control
  • Largest area of healing, optimal focal zone
  • World-class clinical trials leadership


Medispec Multi-Wave provides a steady, reliable stream of high-energy shockwaves, uniquely designed for optimal non-invasive treatment.

No other shockwave is designed with multiple points of reflection to deliver the most effective set of healing waves with a deep, large healing zone.

  • Proven technology
  • High efficacy rates
  • Trusted by doctors worldwide


Wave therapy for aesthetics is commonly used for tattoo removal and cellulite treatment for great-looking skin.

Historically, the technology was applied for kidney stones, but later in the 1980s, plastic surgeons, aesthetic medicine practitioners, and other medical pioneers began using shock waves for aesthetic treatments.

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Radial Shock Wave Therapy (RSWT) is the perfect tool for physiotherapists for the treatment of most musculoskeletal pain disorders.
RSWT sends energy directly to injured tissue, accelerating the process of healing.

RSWT, a medical wave treatment, produces an inflammatory response. Then, the body responds by increasing metabolic activity around the site of pain. In turn, this stimulates steps in healing.

  • Breaking down scar tissue and calcification
  • Regenerating new healthy tissue
  • Transmitting pain is blocked

The difference in the pressure wave used in RSWT versus SWT is 4-5 bars, with a penetration depth of only 30-35mm, compared to the 200-800 bars pressure wave with a penetration depth of 80-140mm in SWT.


  • No downtime. Return immediately to your normal day to day activities.
  • Results in few treatments
  • Non-invasive and no adverse effects
  • Alternative to medication
  • Reduces muscle pain and aches
  • Temporarily increases blood flow
  • Activates connective tissue
  • Small device size
  • Handheld, convenient treatment probe
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