EM1000™ – Electromagnetic Lithotripter
Electromagnetic Solution for Stone Management

With an outstanding record as the highest stone-free rate and lowest re-treatment rate in the market today, Medispec’s EM1000 sets new standards in electromagnetic solutions for stone management treatment.
EM1000 offers innovative technology and features, versatility, and ease of use. As the EM1000 is modular and mobile, and does not require any special infrastructure or dedicated room, it can successfully fit in any medical environment, including:

  • Government hospitals
  • University medical centers
  • Local community hospitals
  • Small to medium clinics
  • Private clinics
  • Mobile clinics
One Smart System, Numerous Benefits
  • Outstanding clinical results, with the highest stone-free rate and lowest re-treatment rate compared to competing solutions in the market, as well as reduced treatment time and less clinical complications
  • High-end system, offering real-time viewing of the stone throughout the procedure, enhanced patient coupling and easier positioning
  • Multi-functional system, suitable for both lithotripsy and endo-urology treatments
  • Compact and modular, fit for smaller clinics and outpatient centers as well as hospitals and large medical facilities.
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Advanced Treatment Console
  • Automatic stone localization
  • Remote control of motorized treatment table, X-ray and lithotripter shock wave unit
  • Patient data management
  • Operation of the system at a safe distance from X-ray and electromagnetic field sources


Unique X-ray and Ultrasound Integration

  • Enables doctors to choose the adequate localization and monitoring method (X-Ray or Ultrasound) for each case, or a real-time view during treatment using both. As a standard, the system comes pre-integrated with the VisionspecTM, a high-quality computerized Fluoroscopic X-ray system, specially designed for endo-urology and lithotripsy applications
  • Can be used with most standard ultrasound systems available for localization purposes. The ultrasound probe can be easily detached, allowing the same ultrasound unit to be used for non-lithotripsy purposes
  • Customized solution for each patient
  • Outstanding clinical results
  • Compact & Modular
  • Fit for any medical facility
  • Easy to transport
  • Multi-functional system, suitable for both lithotripsy and endo-urology treatments
  • Fast treatment time
  • Low adverse event rate
  • Low maintenance & operational costs
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