Endo Comfort Treatment Table™

Endo Comfort Treatment Table™

Comfort Meets Versatility

The Endo Comfort Treatment Table is the most versatile endo-urologic treatment table on the market and can be used in a full spectrum of procedures such as laser, urodynamic testing, lithotripsy, shockwave therapies and other treat ments. At a glance advantages:

  • Accommodates most c-arms and endo-urological procedures
  • Multiple directional movements, mobility options available
  • Long service life
  • Spare parts and optional accessory components readily in stock
  • Cushions with the ideal mix of comfort and function
  • Effortless positioning
  • Very low maintenance
  • Transparent carbon-fiber material allows easy viewing of x-rays
Compatible with Any Endo-urology Suite
  • Flat mattress with notches for generator and x-ray clearance
  • Head pillow
  • Mount rail on each side of the treatment table allows mounting various types of apparatus
  • Remote control, hand-held
  • Infrared receiver with capabilities to communicate with the Medispec ESWL system
  • Standard warranty
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Medispec's Treatment Table Range: Optimal Comfort for Patients, Efficiency for Doctors

Choose from Three Models: 3-AXIS, 4-AXIS, and 5-AXIS, Each Facilitating Unique Movement Directions:

  • Longitudinal
  • Lateral
  • Vertical
  • Endo-Tilt (Trendelenburg)
  • Endo-Rotate


  • Cushioned, 4-part PVC mattress with pillow: provides comfortable patient support
  • Notched design: permits the clinician to connect or disconnect to devices or reach the patient fast


  • Mobile unit on wheels: supports easy movement in the operation room
  • Compact, flexible design: allows you to convert to different treatment types quickly


  • Carbon-fiber, transparent material: creates visibility for x-ray without obstruction
  • Small footprint base: occupies minimal space for optimal operating space and ease of movement
Patient Support Accessories Available (Optional)
  • Drain bag 
  • Head/foot rests
  • Handrail for attachments
  • Detachable legs/head supports
  • Stirrups
  • Additional pillow(s)

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