Computerized Stone Management
What is Mediconsole™?

The MediConsole™ system is a computerized operating console that supports Medispec’s Electromagnetic and Electrohydraulic Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy (ESWL) systems. 

  • Integrated with Visionspec™ system 
  • Remote control of motorized treatment table, X-ray and lithotripter
  • Automatic stone localization
  • Remote operation allows for zero exposure, away from X-ray and electromagnetic field sources
  • Infrared Receiver enables wireless remote control of the treatment table movements from every other component included
Manage Both Lithotripsy and Endourology Procedures

MediConsole™ components include:

  • Complete Personal Computer (PC)
  • Video/Graphic Adapter
  • Control Boards, and
  • Central Operating Panel

MediConsole™ controls:

  • Treatment Table axes movement,
  • ESWL operation (triggering and shocks counting),
  • X-ray exposure and arm rotation.
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System Benefits
  • Efficiency – convenient to have your own solution to manage end-to-end stone treatment for both endourology and lithotripsy
  • Versatility – ability to be used around the world with any ultrasound machine
  • Flexibility and compatibility – Allows you to combine standard x-ray equipment C-arms with MediConsole™ memory storage systems
  • Storage and sharing capabilities – Fully-equipped to store & send x-ray, ultrasound, & endoscopic* imaging

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