What is Shockwave Therapy?

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Shockwave therapy is an outpatient medical treatment that aids in the healing of common medical conditions.

Shockwave therapy is intended to treat the causes of chronic pain or dysfunction across urology, sexual dysfunction, orthopedics, cardiology, and other medical disciplines.

Shockwave therapy: an effective tool in your medical toolbelt

A shockwave therapy machine could be the most valuable asset or medical offering in the highest demand at a clinic, hospital, or medical business. Shockwave medical devices are typically handheld or portable, compact, and have a small footprint. This is a key advantage of this type of device because it enables the user to serve at any ambulatory medical business, and it’s very comfortable for both users and patients.

Treatment protocols may vary greatly on different shockwave medical equipment because there is a range in power source, intensity, and other wave factors. In addition, the medical technician must take into account the size and weight of the patient.

Choosing a shockwave therapy device?

Ask yourself the following questions before making a purchase decision:

  • Is there any clinical evidence to support the medical device or shockwave therapy or system? If the medical device has supporting clinical evidence, it is more credible and trustworthy to be effective and to produce desired results.
  • How safe is the treatment, and/or what are the potential risks or side effects? Any practitioner or patient must first know what potential risks are to be undertaken with any shockwave therapy treatment.
  • Is the medical device FDA or CE approved? Be sure to check the status of the device, whether it is up to date with the top standards of medical compliance and regulations.
  • Has the medical device been trusted or recommended by other medical doctors or patients? Seek out others’ medical opinions on the medical treatment, including for example recommendation letters or testimonials from other doctors.

What are the benefits of shockwave therapy?

  • Non-invasive: low to no risk for both doctors and patients
  • No down-time: patients return to work and daily life immediately without any waiting or recovery time; doctors can quickly see and treat new patients
  • Short treatment period: in just a few short visits to the medical technician, you’ll see results
  • Simple to perform, as an ambulatory procedure: virtually no training required
  • No risk: zero exposure to x-ray radiation 

What’s old is new again

Did you know that shockwave therapy as a lithotripsy medical treatment for kidney stones has been around since the 1970’s? 

Additionally, the use of shockwaves for improving erectile dysfunction (ED) is not new. 

Since 2013, the European Association of Urology included shockwave therapy for ED in its Guidelines for treating Male Sexual Dysfunction.

Overlooked by medical professionals, radial shockwave therapy is also not a new form of therapy. However, it is effective, tried and true. It enhances blood circulation and accelerates the healing process. Some other benefits of radial shockwave therapy may include:
Temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite

  • Deep tissue massage
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Body shaping & skin elasticity improvement

How can I use shockwave therapy in my medical business or office?

  • Clinical studies: Medispec offers clinical opportunities to encourage new studies and applications
  • New medical business: Medispec offers financing options if you are starting a new medical office or business
  • Expand medical services: Your medical business can offer new, expanded or upgraded medical offerings by leveraging the Medispec portfolio of equipment

To improve quality of life and patient care, ask for a Medispec.





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