Facial and Jowl Skin Tightening

Facial and Jowl Skin Tightening

Skin and Neck Tightening Solution
How Can You Tighten Up Skin with Slimspec™?

Slimspec™ treats a variety of indications including sagging face and jowl.

Aging, sun exposure, smoking can all cause the loss of elastin and collagen (proteins in facial tissue). As these proteins deteriorate, the face loses firmness and tightness, causing the skin to sag.

Slimspec™ generates the opposite effect, stimulating a tightening effect. Slimspec™ treatments enable:

  • Neck tightening and lifting
  • V-shape effect
  • Nasolabial fold reduction
  • Facial skin tightening and rejuvenation
Look Great, Feel Great with Slimspec™ Aesthetic System

Medispec’s novel technology for aesthetics provides a unique therapy for unsolved sagging skin and fatty areas of the body. This wave-based therapy enables a non-invasive solution with short treatment time and no side effects. The technology has proven to be safe, effective, and trusted in medical centers worldwide, CE approved.


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A Beautiful Solution to Aging, Sagging Skin

Superior results

Proven effective by clinicians around the world, the treatments allow patient and doctor satisfaction.

No downtime

In a few minutes, the patient treatment is over. It’s even less than the usual lunch break.

How Do Jowls Form?

Jowls can form as a combination of collagen loss and the downward migration of facial fat pads as we age.

The main causes of droopy, sagging skin include:

  • aging
  • sun exposure
  • weight loss
  • technology (poor posture)
  • skin texture (genetic)


Thanks to Slimspec™, there is a way to improve and reach better aesthetic results.

Tighten Facial Skin in a Few Short Treatments

No pain

Patients do not report any pain during or after treatments.

Easy, simple

There’s no technical training necessary, and it’s an uncomplicated, non-invasive procedure.

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Facial and Jowl Skin Tightening?

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