Medispec Technology Combines one of the highest pressures with the largest focal zones in the industry. Medispec’s advanced acoustic technology, focuses on blood vessels while encouraging neovascularization and angiogenesis, by stimulation and activation of stem cells.

Medispec various technologies are able to perform some incredible non invasive treatments, that stimulate the formation of collateral blood vessels, enhance blood perfusion, restore cardiac function and accelerate and improve bone healing.

The Medispec technology uniqueness in the marketplace is its ability of offering the largest focal zones while simultaneously delivering high power intensities that are highly unified per the treated areas. Moreover, Medispec ability to control the focal zone location, and deliver it accurately to the treated organs, turns the technology into the number one such systems worldwide, with a world leading class clinical trials leadership in the various domains such as ED, Cardio, ESWL, Urology and Orthopedic.

Medispec’s patented probe designs use special ellipsoid reflectors that bounce the shock waves between two focal points, focusing the energy on the affected area. These shock waves travel through fluid and soft tissue where a change in impedance results in the release of kinetic energy. Studies have demonstrated that shock waves induce an inflammatory response and neovascularization of the affected area– relieving pain, improving blood flow, and ultimately resulting in tissue regeneration and repair.

The major characteristics of the RSWT equipment are the small size, handheld treatment probe, and lower pressure waves compared with the SWT. The difference in the pressure wave used in RSWT, 4-5 bars, with a penetration depth of only 30-35mm, compared to the 200-800 bars pressure wave with penetration depth of 80-140mm in SWT, makes RSWT the perfect tool for physiotherapists for the treatment of most musculoskeletal pain disorders.

Transurethral Microwave Thermotherapy (TUMT) is a Microwave energy used as a source of heat dedicated to reduce prostatic mass and alleviate urinary obstruction symptoms. Microwaves produce electromagnetic radiation with oscillating electrical and magnetic fields. Heat is produced while the microwaves are absorbed by the tissue. It rises mainly by electrical dipoles (water molecules) oscillating in the microwave field and electrical charge carriers (ions) moving back and forth in the field. These movements transfer energy to the tissue in form of heat.

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