What can a patient expect after a LilyCare therapy procedure?

Improved sexual function Less pain or no pain Feel more confident and comfortable during intercourse After the procedure, you may be able to go home or back to work right away without waiting. When you need a follow-up appointment, the doctor or nurse will tell you before you go home.  

Is the LilyCare Treatment painful?

The treatment is not reported painful by clinicians or medical journals. If concerned, your doctor can give you a light or local anesthesia. 

Why choose LilyCare?

This women’s health treatment has many benefits, including: Easy, fast, effective  No medications  No surgery  No hospital  No anesthetics required Short treatment time Low-investment, cost-effective 

Who is a candidate for LilyCare?

Typically, patients who receive LilyCare treatment are women with conditions that cause discomfort or pain during intercourse, such as:  Female sexual dysfunctions:  Dyspareunia  Diminished vaginal lubrication Diminished sexual arousal and difficulty achieving orgasm   Urological disorders:  Vulvar Vestibulitis Syndrome (Provoked Vestibulodynia Disorder)   Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS) Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) Sexual dysfunction in diabetic women 

What is LilyCare Treatment?

LilyCare is the revolutionary solution to intimate health issues, a therapeutic treatment for fast, non-medication and non-invasive pain relief and improvement of common female sexual dysfunctions and urological disorders.  Typically, a patient may undergo 5-6 treatment sessions of 20 minutes each session. 

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