Can the patient engage in sexual activity after each session?

There is no restriction of sexual activity before or after treatments. In fact, treatment can enhance a couple’s performance during a honeymoon or vacation, as results may be immediate. The improvement in erectile functioning can be immediately effective and lasts at least 2-3 hours following each treatment under Medical Tourism Protocol.  

What are the reasons behind choosing the suggested protocol?

This protocol was chosen based on our extensive clinical proven experience in treatment of cardiovascular ischemia, in order to maximize the effect of shockwaves on the development of collaterals. Collaterals develop usually within 2-3 weeks, which is the reason for the chosen intervals between treatments. In addition, animal studies found that maximal expression of angiogenic […]

Why should I prefer this treatment instead of PDE5-I that I take today ?

Although there is no doubt on the impact that PDE-5 inhibition medication has on the field of sexual medicine, there is a growing realization that pharmacotherapy is not sufficient, especially in such delicate and complex matter as the male sexuality. When it comes to the male sexuality, we have to attribute physiological as well as […]

Is there a significant difference between Erectile Dysfunction Shockwave Therapy and other ED treatment option?

Shockwave Therapy is a non-invasive therapy where we trigger natural mechanism in the patient body to address vascular problems that cause Erectile Dysfunction and not only treat the symptoms.   In other therapies treatment can involve either pharmaceutical therapy using PDE5-I that have systematic load on different organs and can be accompanied with different reported side-affect […]

I have heard that the shock wave applicator (lithotripter) in the urology department is noisy and there is a need to wear ear protection. Is it required during ED treatment?

No. Unlike Urologic applications, ED treatment with shock wave requires less powerful shock waves (1/10th of Lithotripsy). For that reason the ED1000 is fitted with a smaller generator, producing less intense electrical sparks thus generating significantly less noise. There is no need to wear ear protection during treatment.  

Is it necessary to hospitalize the patient?

There is no need to hospitalize the patient before or after the treatment; the treatment is a non-invasive painless and the patient is able to return to his daily routine.  

What are the exclusion criteria for treatment?

Patients with the following conditions:   Any cause of ED other than vascular etiology  Patients with penile tumor  Patients with prostatic tumor  Patients with testicular tumor  Patients with local tumor at the treatment area  Patients with skin wound at the treatment area  Patients with infection at the treatment area

What are Shockwaves?

Shockwaves are acoustic waves, similar to ultra-sound waves that are generated by an underwater high-voltage spark. Shockwaves are single pulse waves with high-pressure amplitude, small pulse width and a short rise time. Shockwaves are delivered noninvasively, focused by a special ellipsoid reflector.  

Who can use the ED1000?

The ED1000 should be used by a trained Personal. This could be an Urologist or a nurse with the supervision of an Urologist. All users should undergo training by Medispec or its local authorized representative to operate the ED1000.  

What is the ED1000?

The ED1000 is a paradigm shift in the treatment of vascular origin Erectile Dysfunction utilizing Extracorporeal Shockwaves.  

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