What is Multi-Wave?

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  • Technology behind safe alternatives to surgery
  • Encouraging the body’s natural healing processes

Speed healing with the most effective shockwaves on the global market.

Relax. Your patient’s health is in good hands with Medispec and its Multi-Wave technology, producing healing acoustic pressure waves, engineered for a powerful non-invasive treatment.

Medispec’s peerless devices enable the most effective healing.

Multi-Wave Beats the Competition 

  • Optimal combination of largest focal zone and bar pressure
  • Wave therapy is adjustable by power, number of sessions, and many other factors – custom-treatment per patient 
  • Compliant with CE and FDA regulations

Choose Your Power: The Power Is In Your Hands

Medispec offers BOTH electrohydraulic and electromagnetic power options.

  • Our electromagnetic devices, such as the EM1000, are engineered using multiple points of reflection and a double lens with a unique shape in order to create maximum impact healing.
  • Our electrohydraulic devices, such as the E3000,  E2000, and ED1000, are designed with a patented applicator that reflects healing pressure waves across multiple points, dispersing the waves across a deeper, larger healing zone.

Why Multi-Wave?

  • Shatter kidney stones naturally and in a more cost-effective way than laser
  • Generate blood cells
  • Improve blood flow
  • Optimal performance – Patients have less pain, no adverse side effects from receiving a low-intensity pressure treatment
  • High lifetime value – Patients can receive fewer treatments, and thereby doctors achieve more value per dollar for any Medispec medical device
  • Highest success rates in the industry
  • Balances safety & efficacy – the optimal power balanced for safety and effectiveness
  • Fast procedure, short treatment time – no overnight hospitalizations
  • Easy to transport and set up – doctors can move equipment from room to room
  • Results in higher efficiency, efficacy, and patient comfort 

Trusted by Doctors Worldwide for 30 Years

Studies have demonstrated that shock waves induce an inflammatory response and neovascularization of the affected area – relieving pain, improving blood flow, and ultimately resulting in tissue regeneration and repair.


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