Medispec Warranty


Medispec Ltd. uses a Quality Assurance and control system, which complies with the ISO 9001 & 9003.

Most of Medispec devices complies with the following high-quality standards:

FDA: Federal Drug & Administration- USA & CE: European Mark of Quality


Medispec shall provide Distributor/Customer with all reasonable assistance for its technical and service personnel.

  • Medispec warrants that all Products supplied under the Agreement shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of twelve (12) months from the date shipment. This warranty does not include consumable parts – It covers parts only.  Labor and other related expenses are to be provided by Distributor/Customer at Distributor’s cost. Distributor/Customer shall be solely responsible for any representation or warranty for the Products not previously authorized by Medispec in writing and shall indemnify and hold Medispec harmless from any claims and expenses resulting from such representation or warranty.
  •       Warranty is not applicable in case of misuse of the appliance, not in accordance with Medispec’s
    instructions and operation/service manuals as described in ARTICLE 1 – EXCLUSION CLAUSES.
  •      After new system installation, verification it’s proper operation to meet the customer’s satisfaction, the warranty will not apply on:


Non- integral parts such as cables, extension cords, etc. 

Cracks in the plastic parts or any paint damage 


Neither Party shall be liable for failure to comply with its undertakings under this Agreement where such failure is caused by acts of God, acts of government, riots and civil commotion, strikes, lockouts or other disturbances, fire, war, perils of sea, natural wear and tear, delay in supply and/or transit of materials, components and/or parts of assemblies from suppliers or subcontractors, or any other causes or perils beyond the Party’s reasonable control.


Upon misfunction of the instrument and written inquiry from the Distributor/ Customer, Medispec Ltd. will ship spare parts on an Ex-Works basis for subsequent replacement, when needed.

Upon Medispec Ltd. requirement the Distributor/ Customer commits to send back to Medispec Ltd. the defective spare parts on a C.I.F basis (freight prepaid) with indicative price for customs only, maximum 15 days after customs clearance of new spare parts, using shuttle boxes supplied by Medispec. If spare parts were not sent back to Medispec Ltd, all Medispec’s obligations will be suspended.

Only written inquiry received by Medispec Ltd. will be considered.


For Service requests, troubleshooting assistance, complaints, or additional questions regarding your Medispec medical device, please click button below.


·       Any utilisation or maintenance done on the equipment not in accordance with the specifications set down in the operating manual and the technical manual; negligence, operating errors; non-compliance with operating rules; absence of regular Routine Maintenance.

·       Lack of professional qualifications on the user’s part. Use performed by an operator not trained by MEDISPEC Ltd.

·       Servicing of the equipment done by persons not belonging to MEDISPEC or its agents (outside routine maintenance).

·       The effect of external agents (fire, blood, excessive humidity, or excessive heat) on the proper functioning of the equipment.

·       The breakage or destruction of equipment, resulting from cataclysms or on account of civil or foreign wars, riots, or popular uprising.

·       Faulty electrical installation or main voltage fluctuations above +/- 10 % of normal voltage of the concerned country.

·       Warranty for the X-ray unit does not include glass parts. The high voltage generator is warranted for 1 million shocks or 12 months, whichever occurs first, with pro-rata payment in case must be replaced earlier than this.  

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